UNDC is an I-NGO not a direct organization or branch or agency of United Nations. All deputies, representatives and staff are not directly linked to the United Nations.


20-22 Wenlock Road - N1 7GU - London - UK
email: secretary@undcc.eu
Telephone: +44 7707-920-026
                        +44 2033-184-783Human Right Emergency: +41 76 828 71 98


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Afghanistan Emergency: The diplomatic corps of the NGO UNDCC is working to organize observation missions on the restoration and respect of women's rights under the new Taliban government.

We was your voice in the Forum on Minority Issues at Human Right Council in Geneva 2021

Intervention of H.E. Maurizio Cusimano in HRC

About us

International Diplomatic Organization

The UNDC is an international organization based in London and operating at the international level of the United Nations under the Vienna Convention on International Organizations.

UNDC is multistakeholder partner of WhatsOn in United Nations Office on Drug and Crime.


Our Mission

The UNDC is an international organization cooperates for the development of peace, human rights, justice, culture, science, knowledge and the environment, in all peoples and in all nations of the world. active for interventions including urgent humanitarian rights.The UNDC is registered with the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs. The UNDC promotes affiliation and diplomatic exchanges between the various International Organizations that pursue the same or similar aims.


You can contact the UNDC diplomatic staff to: 

- Propose projects in line with the aims of the Organization - Request an intervention on the subject of respect for human rights, international justice, international crimes.

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Secretariat: secretary@undcc.eu
At Interim Regent:

H.E. Maurizio Cusimano maurizio.cusimano@undcc.eu 

Telephone: +44 7707-920-026


The UNDC is an International Non-Political Diplomatic Organization established under the Vienna Convention of International Organizations. Diplomats at various levels of all nationalities (Consuls, Ambassadors, Honorary Diplomats) and non-political Government Officials and Nobility Titles of the Monarchical Nations adhering to the Vienna Convention are members by right of the UNDC. Furthermore, all citizens of the world who possess high moral standards, apolitical and who intend to pursue the aims of peace, the fight against international crime and diplomacy of the UNDC can apply to become members of the UNDC. To become a member of the United Nations O.I. Diplomatic Committee, visit the appropriate page.

Structure of the Organization

The UNDC is based in London and operates internationally under the Vienna Convention on International Organizations as well as under the Vienna Convention for diplomatic and consular relations between states. The UNDC appoints its own "Representative Consuls" in all nations or kingdoms of the world, adhering to the Vienna Convention. The structure is composed of a Director and the Council, which is made up of the Consuls and Ambassadors of the Organization. Council, Italian Consul of the UNDC in London with Delegation to International Crime and Human Rights is HE Maurizio Cusimano (maurizio.cusimano@undcc.eu)