About Us

UNDC Diplomatic Committee International is currently present in four countries with its deputies: the United Kingdom, Italy, Namibia, Hong Kong and China. We are also present in Iran with a memorandum of understanding with the NGO Sarbaz Solh.

His Excellency Maurizio Cusimano

International Director of U.N.D.C.
Ambassador at Large of U.N.D.C. (Diplomatic Assignment)
Ambassador at UNDC International Permanent Diplomatic Mission

Criminologist and Anthropologist. Philantropist. Ambassador of WPT. 
Member of Pan African Peace Accords Boards. Eligible in 48th Session of U.N. for Special Rapporteur in Cultural Field at High Commissioner of Human Right (UN-OHCHR)((https://www.ohchr.org/EN/HRBodies/HRC/SP/Pages/HRC48.aspx)

Her Excellency Thekla Mutero

Deputy of UNDC for Namibia

Deputy Secretary of Namibian Public Workers Union for Walvis Bay Town Executive Branch Structure
 Leader Charpter of World Women Conference and Awards Namibia
Award as Emerging Entrepreneur for the year 2020 and Networker of the 2020 by Namibian Business Hall Fame

H.R.H. Prof. Dr. Philip CHAN

 Deputy of UNDC for  Hong Kong  and China.

Command Vice President, Hong Kong St. John Ambulance, Arbitrator, Adjudicator, Mediation Expert, Expert Witness and Dispute Resolution Advisor. World Peace Ambassador of World Peace Tracts.

H.E. Amb. Yamile Jana

Deputy of UNDC for United States

Change Ambassador for Peace and Humanity for YELI International. World Peace Ambassador for WPT. Human rights activist. Humanitarian. Doctor in Clinical Psychology. Public speaker.

H.E. Sandra Darkoa Ofori

Deputy of UNDC for Ghana
Founder at Gatekeepers of Today Ministries | CEO at Techzy Group | Vice-President at Tech Genez | Career Coach | Writer | Social Entrepreneur | Co-Founder at African Women Network

H.E. Abdul Khader Sowkathali
Deputy of UNDC for India

Ambassador for Global voice of women organisation.
Council respsentative of world Peace committee for india
Human rights activist for Humanitarian Peace

H.E. Nekena Mbangi Shanel
Deputy of UNDC for Cameroon

Peace Advocate . Country Representative for Women Ascension. Secretary General Junior Chambers International (JCI ) Buea Summit