Appeal to resolution of Poland-Belarus situation

The recent humanitarian situation on the border between Belarus and Poland keeps us very apprehensive and we strongly condemn what is happening. Thousands of people, including women and children, cannot pay the price of political choices or diplomatic disputes. This is the appeal launched by Maurizio Cusimano Human Rights Ambassador of INGO UNDC based in London. There are thousands of refugees massed along the border and at the end of his strength he says <<Maurizio Cusimano >> that Poland is rejecting << without intrude into political choices, innocent people cannot be allowed to be abandoned to themselves. >> At the moment the UNDC INGO Ambassadors of Peace are engaged to spreading their appeals to the two Nations to find a solution in line with international humanitarian law and international laws.


Collaboration with I Can South Sudan

The Office of Director has signed a collaboration with NGO I Can South Sudan in the Bidibidi Refugee Settlement.

New collaboration

The Global director of UNDC has signed a collaboration with Afghan Organization for Peace and Sport Council. 

New Memoranda of Understanding

The UNDC Diplomatic Committee International signed a memorandum of understanding on 14 September 2021 with the Iranian NGO Sarbaz Solh. The announcement is made by H.E. Maurizio Cusimano, director of the NGO UNDC. << The memorandum of understanding with Sarbaz Solh, an important Iranian NGO >> says H.E. Cusimano << will allow us to join forces to safeguard world peace, respect for human rights and the fight against violations of every fundamental human right >>.

Afghan Emergency

Emergency in progress. We are activating all the resources to open diplomatic channels with the new Taliban government. Our goal is to open a channel of observers for human rights and in particular women's rights.

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H.E.  M. Cusimano appointed Ambassador of Peace

Our regent of the council, H.E. Maurizio Cusimano has been appointed WPT Ambassador. Best wishes for a peaceful work as a peacemaker.

Israel-Palestin: Calls to Ceasefire

UK: Call for a ceasefire between Israel and Palestine by the delegate  UNDC Diplomatic Organization H.E. Maurizio Cusimano


The International Diplomatic Organization UNDC, an organization based in London and which gathers associates and delegates from all over the nations, has expressed clearly its position on the critical situation that has arisen between Israel and Palestine.

We are well aware of the ancient roots that led these two peoples to conflicts that have often resulted in war violence -  said H.E. Cusimano -  to the detriment of innocent and unarmed civilians.

We know well that in order to mediate the profound cultural, historical and religious differences, a political negotiation supported by the international community is needed, because there would be serious difficulties in reaching a purely legal decision, even if the question were referred to the United Nations International Court of Justice.

As an NGO Organization, in view of the general assembly of the UN Security Council on Sunday 16 May 2021 – said again delegate H.E. Maurizio Cusimano, expert in crimes and international justice, we appealed to express our position in favor of an immediate bilateral ceasefire in Israel and the Palestinian territories to "avoid a wider conflict" believing that "The indiscriminate launch of rockets from part of Hamas and other groups against Israeli civilians is unacceptable. While recognizing Israel's legitimate need to protect its civilian population, the response must be proportionate and subject to the utmost restraint in the use of war force "considering the human rights guaranteed by the Conventions and Resolutions during hostilities between nations gravely violated above all, we believe that the rights of journalists and the media of whatever parts they are must be guaranteed, and we will never compromise on this. As an Organization inspired by the promotion of peace and dialogue, we will always be ready to seek any diplomatic and mediation avenue for the peaceful resolution of any dispute.

Fight against Corruption in the world: proposals of H.E. Bar. Maurizio Cusimano, UNDC crime expert

The UN Special Assembly Against Corruption will be held from 2 to 4 June 2021 in New York.

We all know that this phenomenon is a real pathology for the growth of a nation.

Here we interview H.E. Bar. Prof. Maurizio Cusimano, Ambassador of the ngo "UNDC International Diplomatic Organization" based in London and authoritative expert on international crime.


H.E. what do we mean by corruption?

Corruption is the set of behaviors through which a person is violated

system of rules governing the common interest, to seek an advantage of a personal nature.

"The crime in question is known since the most ancient statal systems as one of the most serious (and widespread) crimes against the administration of a nation. It is identified in a pactum Sceleris, an agreement (not forced) which takes the form of a real mercinomio, in a barter of the public function ".


H.E. how much does corruption affect the functioning of a nation?

If on the one hand corruption, as estimated, poisons the economy because it steals public money that can be used for services to citizens, on the other hand the delays of the administrative bureaucracy, the inefficiency of the public administration, the uselessness of public works or services, all together leads to a loss of competitiveness of the country and a reduction in the attractiveness of investments.


H.E. what can be done and what you intend to do to fight against the phenomenon?

The fight against corruption is a necessity, especially in light of how it produces negative effects on

a national economy already hit by the consequences of the economic recession. It is a widespread necessity, which goes beyond judicial, accounting and police investigations.

Increasing salaries to public officials, the transparency and responsibility are probably the most important factors to counter corruption. Other key elements for this are the integrity of the elections and a system of accountable and transparent political party financing. Effective criminal prosecution against corruption, fair trials and strict enforcement of dissuasive sentences for corruption-related offenses are indispensable to promote deterrent action. A protection effective legal informants (whistleblowers) and the presence of a company calendar and the press independent are essential components of an effective anti-corruption framework.


The whole world will follow this very important conference which will give rise to decisions and resolutions for the fight against corruption in nations. Thanks to H.E. M. Cusimano for the time he has dedicated and we wish you a good job.