Our Project

We are currently involved in numerous projects within the United Nations.

We will be present with our "questions" at the UN assembly on the "Desertification of Land" on May 20, 2021. We asked the Secretary General for information on the interventions that the UN intends to implement for the creation of projects for water recovery in desertified territories.

UNDC for Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)

UNDC is actually engaged for Act4 SDG. Visit our links and join in our actions.https://www.act4sdgs.org/profile/UNDC

Afghanistan emergency

The diplomatic corps of the NGO UNDCC is working to organize observation missions on the restoration and respect of women's rights under the new Taliban government. We need YOUR Help. Donate for support our mission of peace. 

Pan African Peace Accords

Due to the fact that many of the same tribes live in separate countries, there is a need for a cross boarder Pan African Peace Accords that will include all of the stakeholders in the surrounding countries. We are optimistic that a framework for Pan African Peace can be achieved as a model to spread peace across the continent. World Peace Tracts is working to facilitate a framework for peace talks that will result in a more durable peace across the region.

H.E. Maurizio Cusimano is member of a peace committee and special appointed to impanel this board. 


High Level Dialogue on Desertification

We contributed to this UN event with the proposals and questions of our diplomatic corps.
Website of event:

Africa Dialogue 2021

In this years, we are present to Africa Dialogue Conference. 


We presented our contributions to the UN Special Assembly against Corruption. At this link you can find the jobs (you have to scroll to "UNDC International Diplomatic Organization")